Pushing the Nokia Lumia 1020 - Just how good is the dynamic range?


Contrasty evening light is a good test for any camera, let alone a micro sensor smartphone. However, a combination of careful exposure and Snapseed's rather good HDR feature achieves a workable result. There is some highlight loss certainly and this has to be restored for print purposes by altering the levels to something similar to the screen shot below.

By eliminating pure white and black, print reproduction isn't compromised.

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But the impact of an image isn't determined by technical considerations and certainly some of the editing packages for phone pictures, such as snapseed, don't really take dynamic range into consideration. Though interestingly Instagram has highlight and shadow controls for all it's filter effects.

Certainly dynamic range is not one of my primary concerns and I've never obsessed about blown highlights. For me it has little bearing on the effectiveness of an image. In a way it does contribute to a sense of reality. Bright sunlit highlights are very difficult to look at and assimilate in real life anyway. Obviously retaining as much detail is preferable, but for me, not essential.

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I should conclude by saying how much I like Snapseed. It gives a punchy dramatic look to my images. It's quick and easy to use and saves me lots of work in Photoshop.

Finally, I'm starting to include these Stock Photography inserts into the posts, to show what I'm shooting, what I'm working on and what I'm uploading. I'll rotate the libraries to give an idea of what I upload to each. 

Also if you are interested in this, it's worth keeping an eye on my Instagram account, as even if I don't post here I add to that every day. This shows where I am and what I'm doing. If I'm not out shooting I'll post examples of what I'm working on. 

Yesterdays posts for instance previewed what's coming next here. See top left and bottom right corners.



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