North Wales

 All images above - Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera

On the promise of a decent weather forecast Ann and I have come to the Barmouth area of North Wales with the intention of getting in some scenic cycling as well as scenic photography. Unfortunately where we are staying has a VERY slow internet connection, so I'll post when I can. I'll try and post regularly to instagram, facebook and twitter however from my phones during the day though. 

In terms of gear we have the Leica T, Panasonic FZ100, Sony RX10 and Samsung Galaxy 2 cameras plus Nokia 1020 and Blackberry Q10 phones. So no interchangeable lenses then. I'm particularly looking forward to giving the FZ1000 a good workout as that long zoom is ideal for this type of landscape. 

Stay tuned for hopefully a good week in one of the most scenic parts of the UK.

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