More on the 'Smartphone Aesthetic'

All above - Nokia 1020 and Snapseed

A couple of comments from Rick Maiman on my recent posts from Google+. I thought they were worth passing on to a larger audience.

'Segmentation has become a preamble and tool of marketing. It is a divide and conquer approach. Pros need big boxes, and long lenses. Amateurs need Bridge cameras, and Soccer moms need point shoots. But the high quality camera phones and app developers have turned it all upside down, inside out and backwards frontwards. The proliferation of social media upload sites have eroded the status quo; so much that conventional Libraries and Stock agencies have been forced to confront the changeover because the buyers of new stock are increasingly branded companies who want, to appear current, avant, and themselves not left behind in their appeal to younger segments of buyers for their wares in every segment of retail. That is a very strong force of market economy. Photographers of which there are plenty, in the new mobile domain are leading the way in this seismic shift.'

'For those whom you have lost, may they find what 'they' think they have lost. Personally, I am thrilled at your new less encumbered direction. I chortle even now at my News chums who grouse under the weight of their heavy dslr's as I nimble about with smaller, less obtrusive mirrorless gear. YOUR posts show by good example that less can be more especially in the new frontier of the freewheeling digital age.'

It is certainly an interesting time and there is no doubt that Photography as a business / hobby / art form is going through some changes. I've used the metaphor before but I see it as akin to the emergence of Punk as an antidote (and one was sorely needed!) to the horrors and pretension of Prog. Smartphones are changing the content and language of photography. At the same time increasing it's use and popularity. Far from fading away into some kind of niche activity, it is now forefront in peoples lives. 

To not respond or react to this leaves those who choose to ignore it in much the same position as those who thought 35mm, Digital and Mirror free / EVF enhanced / Non DSLR's (whatever!!) were all passing fads. We may or may not want to embrace it, but people are buying camera equipped smartphones in preference to compacts, which are gradually disappearing. And if anyone thinks that this won't impact on R & D, product planning and marketing on the part of manufacturers, then just consider how difficult it can be to buy a roll of film and get it processed.  

Personally, I see nothing but positives in the emergence of photography as an important part of peoples everyday lives. And while I can live without the selfie phenomenon, at least it could lead to something more worthwhile. 

See my latest attempt at an arty selfie below!!! Oh well!

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