Modern Retro

Because of their similarity in terms of sensor size and pixel count, a lot of smartphone pictures look very similar to the early days of digital cameras. I always had a sneaking suspicion that look would resurface and the great thing with current photo fashion is that there is no obligation to try and make these images look like they were shot on something more expensive and with better quality. In fact I'm 'cheapening' the shots in many ways. And of course using all sorts of presentation techniques that have been around almost as long as photography.

And lets not forget that it's only recently that (certain) photographers have become overly obsessed with clean, noise free, faultless images. From Julia Margaret Cameron through Man Ray to Robert Mapplethorpe, the (sometimes extreme) manipulation of images has always been central to the photographers 'art' and for a while there it seemed to disappear. Now I've been as guilty as most in trying to get super clean, super glossy, blemish free images, but like a lot of photographers I was always a closet 'filter head.' So that's why I'm somewhat enthusiastic for these new (old?) ways of image alteration.

The whole world, photographers and myself may well get tired of it in time, but my feeling is it's going to be around for a while yet. It's already creeping into the somewhat conservative British print media and I suspect we are only at the beginning of this. I fully expect the 'instagram' look to start spreading across all forms of visual communication. Simply because it's different, it gets peoples attention and it's currently fashionable. 

Above are some pictures from a while ago taken with a Minolta 5MP 7i. And the old becomes the new.

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