Leica T Video - Surprisingly good

Now this is a real surprise and further proof that Leica are taking the needs of current photographers seriously. I shot some video just to see what it was like. The actual quality is OK, no more than that, certainly not up to current Panasonic and Sony standards. The real surprise however was how stable it is when shooting hand held. There is no lens or body stabilisation, Leica claim it compromises images quality. However there is a menu item that turns video stabilisation on or off. ???? So what is this?

Well I suspect it's something like the software stabilisation in iMovie, which uses part of the frame to compensate for wobble. And as you can see from the YouTube clip above, it's actually really good. Now the T is certainly not going to be my first choice for video, but it's certainly a useful function to have in the camera as I said another indication that Leica have produced a camera for 2014 and have embraced video as well as touchscreen technology and have decided to do it properly. 

It is of course worth pointing out that other companies, such as Fuji and Olympus, both of whom have pretty much ignored video, or at best seemingly added it only because it's expected, are both rumoured to be offering firmware updates to address this. So we'll see what happens there. However, I have to say that this Leica T footage is better than I can get off any of my Fuji's currently and that is a real, genuine and pleasant surprise. 

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