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One of the benefits of using Snapseed to process my images, is that it does rather nice renditions of the files from my Fuji X cameras. Including the X100s which I used to create these pictures.

Like many others I've been less than impressed by the raw conversion possibilities of the files and the jpgs. leave something to be desired in terms of sharpness. However, Snapseed seems to be able to pull out more dynamic range as well as producing a rather nice, somewhat 'dreamy' look to the images.

The X100s works very well for my current requirements. It does point and shoot very nicely once it's set up, it's virtually silent, unobtrusive and a pleasure to shoot with. It does of course, also have that sublime retro look. I would also point out that the image with the fisherman looking at the boat is taken at ISO 2500 and it's incredible in terms of the almost complete absence of noise in the OOC jpg. which I used with Snapseed. 

So this 'Smartphone Aesthetic' is having beneficial results all round. I've got too many cameras currently. Eleven is a bit much, even for me and I'd really like to shed a few. However it is proving difficult since I'm getting such good results with all of them and despite my despair at the photographic internet's gear obsession, I'm not immune to the charms of a beautiful camera, which the X100s undoubtedly is.

The difference is that I'm happy to embrace these systems deficiencies as well as their virtues and as is patently obvious, I have no 'brand loyalty' whatsoever. I also don't post any 'Road to Damascus' stories about how I discovered mirrorless cameras and discovered the secret to sublime happiness and eternal life. As you are well aware, my 'enthusiasms' are tempered with a large dose of reality check.

However, it is nice to report some encouraging results from the X100s, which is a camera that fits in very well with my current attitude towards creating photographs. However, I suspect that my accountant won't be quite as enthusisatic as I am that I seem to be finding 'good' reasons to keep on expanding my camera collection. Strange that my desire for simplicity seems to include the accumulation of yet more gear!!!

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