Fuji X-T1 - Better Video coming?


Now it's only a rumour and we all know how they can enthuse and then disappoint when they are discovered to be unfounded, but I really, REALLY hope this one is true. An X-T1 with better video is something I would really like to see. Video is the weak link in the Fuji X range and as far as I can see there is no reason for it. The X-T1 is a serious camera and one that can truly be described as having a 'pro' spec' in many ways, but this has been let down by the poor video implementation. It's a shame because the video footage from Fuji X cameras is some of the sharpest out there, but the poor bitrate means it's unusable for any kind of serious use where decent quality is essential. 

So hopefully Patrick at Fuji Rumors can track this one down. It IS possible because Olympus are updating the E-M1 to shoot 4K and if anyone from Fuji is reading this then PLEASE make this so.


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