The Fuji Fujifilm Fujinon XF 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR with Fuji X-E2

The 18-135mm zoom on the X-E2 isn't quite as smooth for AF as the X-T1. Though I've yet to update my body firmware for either. It is a nice outfit though. Lots of 'gravitas' there. And no it's not light or small, but as you can see it takes great pictures. (Well actually I take the pictures, the lens just transfers them to the camera.) It's especially good at the 135mm end and as I indicated in my previous post, there is a marked and refreshing absence of vignetting or softness at the telephoto end. 

A lot of lens makers would have gone for an 18-200mm, but that pulling in at the long end has had a beneficial effect. Firstly the lens would have been too long, too heavy and too large and secondly there would have been some compromise on image quality I'm sure. The size of the 55-200mm gives a clue here.

I have to say that it's really nice to have this kind of quality as an option for a 'leave on the camera lens' and it's such a pleasure not to be changing lenses all the time. It could be wider, it could be longer, but I'm sure it wouldn't be as good and it does have pretty stunning image quality. 

Fujifilm UK (link here) on twitter seem to have picked up on the fact that I thought it up to the best Nikon standards.

'In praise of the lens suggests 'it's hard to think of a better Nikon equivalent'

And I'm certainly very impressed as you can tell. I'll leave comparison tests to others, since I have no appetite for doing them any more, and I doubt I'll do any myself. Because when I see the results there's little point in going through some test rigmarole to confirm what I already know. 

If you are a serious Fuji fanboy, I'm sure you either have one already or it's on order. For me it's a 'must have' lens for the system and I've been waiting for it to become available. Because it's just SO useful for what I do. Much as I like the freedom of my phones for urban work, for my landscape images I like to have as wide options as possible in terms of focal length. 

One of the reasons I've been somewhat reluctant to take out my Fuji's recently has been that I'd either have to take my 10-24mm or 18-55mm + 55-200mm to get this kind of coverage. And while the 18-135mm is certainly somewhat more restricted than those options, it's a lot lighter and less bulky than the two lens alternative. The fact that it's a superb lens optically is a real bonus. As I said others can do the tests, but I doubt anyone will have anything to complain about here. A superb lens and one that significantly enhances the Fuji X system as a whole.

Now just how long do I have to wait for that 90mm f/2?? 

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