'The best camera you have is the one you have with you' and other complete BS.

All above images - Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone

'The best camera you have is the one you have with you.' I hate that lazy minded, often repeated excuse come motto for photographic slackers, that justifies poor vision, poor execution and poor judgement. Because the camera you carry with you is all about choice, intent and a mindset that either looks to create something special whenever you take out a device that makes pictures or some kind of 'I can't be bothered really but I'll stick this in my pocket just in case' attitude. You either intend to engage in photographic creativity or you don't. 

You might think about pictures at x, y and z location on the way to and from your non-photographic work and that's fine and whether or not you take a DSLR outfit with 5 lenses or something smaller is a creative choice in itself and one that hopefully is the result of some thought. Photography isn't about 'playing with a new toy' it isn't about accumulating (or shedding) gear and it isn't about taking the odd snapshot and making excuses for their quality because you weren't carrying what you might consider a suitable or superior option for creating images with you.

I wasn't always a professional photographer. I did other things to make a living when I first got interested in photography. Then I started to make some money from it as a supplement to my main income, then it became 50/50 and then I was finally able to go full-time and attempt to make my living from photography alone. And at no time in that journey was I anything other than deadly serious about what I was doing with a camera. I still am. 

I don't go out to grab a few snaps. I don't go out on the off chance of getting one or two shots that might be halfway decent, I go out to specifically create a series of images that I will be proud of in a particular location. And whether I carry a large outfit with cameras and lenses or whether I choose to carry a couple of smartphones with cameras in them as I've been doing recently, then that's my choice and I stand or fall on the pictures I create with what I have chosen to take with me. 

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