Sony RX10 - The super superzoom - Review - Part 3 - My kind of camera

As should be obvious by now, the less a camera makes demands on me and the simpler it is to use, so that I can get on with the important business of creating pictures, the more I like it. And the Sony RX10 certainly has a lot going for it. 'The ART of point and shoot' is certainly achievable with the well thought out interface and body. 

Lots of boxes ticked for me, OLED viewfinder, silent electronic shutter, no dust spots because of all-in-one construction, fast good quality zoom (proving that Sony / Zeiss CAN make a great zoom lens) quick reliable AF and excellent jpgs. with spot on exposure and great colour. If ever a non-smartphone fulfilled the 'Smartphone Aesthetic' this is it. Plus you get a wide zoom range, fast lens, plus a 1'' sensor as well to show that it is possible to make a simple, light, high perfomance camera that is photographer friendly and turns out top quality IQ.

The Sony 1'' sensor has certainly moved on from the original RX100 and Nikon 1 V1 versions. Though still only mediocre at high ISO's, at the low end it is very good indeed. Those 20MP aren't struggling and Sony is obviously very good at getting high pixel densities to produce seriously good files. It does make me wonder what the Panasonic RZ1000 will do to the rest of the m4/3 range. Because the RX10 sensor (apparently in the Panasonic camera) is only (very) marginally inferior to the 16MP 4/3 sensors used by Olympus and Panasonic. So I suspect a lot of photographers looking to downsize may decide to miss out on the smaller mid-range sensor sizes and go for these 1" cameras instead.

Because if you don't want or need great high ISO performance, then cameras like the RX10 have an awful lot going for them. And it is getting harder and harder for me to pick up a Fuji, Sony e-mount or Panasonic m4/3 camera thses days. Because they are competing with this as well as my 41MP smartphone. The image quality - ease of use equation is moving in the direction I want it to and cameras like the RX10 are showing just exactly what is possible. 

Sony are still the most innovative company out there. I just wish they employed someone who had some kind of design skills and a sense of just how compelling a beautifully crafted good looking camera can be. However, if they did that then it may well be game over for everybody else!!

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