Sony RX10 - The super superzoom - Review - Part 2

Sony RX10

In part two of my 'review' of the Sony RX10, I was going to talk about the handling. However as yet I've found nothing I don't like about it. It's really comfortable, quick to get around and handles like a dream. Some people describe it as big, but it isn't really. It feels very like a Panasonic GH3/4 with one of the fast zooms attached. 

It's still plug ugly, with that Leica R9 look. Without of course any of the class of the R9. However, it is a pretty amazing camera with an even more amazing lens. I even took it out yesterday and left my Nokia 1020 at home, which shows how good I think it is. Don't describe it as a 'bridge' camera because it's nothing like those micro sensor compromised plastic excuses. This is something else again. Brilliant camera.

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