Sony A7r 36MP compared to Nokia 1020 38MP. Is this a foregone conclusion?

Well the Sony A7r plus Zeiss 55mm combination I used yesterday produces sharper, cleaner results with better dynamic range, but have a look at these samples below to see by just how much.

Now I can't speak for anybody else but I'm surprised and somewhat stunned by how close I can get the Smartphone files to what is the best sensor this side of medium-format and the lens that DxO called the best autofocus example they ever tested.

And of course there is this.

 Diagram showing relative sensor size.

Anyone else expect that? I certainly wasn't. And do these look like mobile phone pictures? Well not compared to anything I've ever seen in the past from any other phone camera.

The Nokia files are of course from raw and I have added some extra sharpening in Photoshop as the 1020 images come out a little soft. This has resulted in some 'grainy' luminance noise, but even so the files are capable of very high quality reproduction at very large sizes. Which I think shows just how far the Nokia 1020 is currently ahead of the competition. Because this doesn't just compare favourably with a lot of DSLR's and Mirrorless / CSC cameras, it in fact beats many of them for resolution and sharpness. In the above examples in fact, the rose petals actually look sharper on the Nokia because of the greater depth of field.

So no smeared, soft, noisy jpgs. here that anyone would be reluctant to pixel-peep at 100%. And of course this is early days in Smart camera smartphones. Samsung and Apple are already investing heavily in this field. 

I guess the impact of all this was that yesterday I went out with the Sony and my two phones. And I did use the A7r but found that it was slung over my shoulder most of the time as I was using the Nokia most of the time.

However my Sony's will get a workout tomorrow, since my Nephew and I are off to shoot an educational training video and we are using my Sony cameras and lenses to do that. Hopefully I'll be able to post some photos and footage from that and I should be able to post some stuff via instagram, facebook and twitter as I'm doing it. So be gone you mobile playthings, it's time to get serious again.

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