SONY a6000 - mirrorless at it's best

The Sony a6000 is a great camera. Wednesday it was pressed into service as a hand-held video camera at the teacher training session my nephew and I were making a movie of. It did overheat after a particularly long take, but aside from that it performed very well and the footage is certainly excellent.

Yesterday, fitted with my Sony 85mm f/2.8 plus LA-EA4 adapter, it was working as my telephoto option when I was shooting landscape in Herefordshire. It has what I consider to be a virtue, in that I set it up and just let it do it's thing. Again it turned out great images with no fuss. 

These days, I'm less and less interested in announced camera models. I had a good laugh at the 'new' Olympus offerings. It's probably some kind of marketing trick, with the three people who can actually spot any meaningful difference between the last three pen cameras winning a prize. That prize being to pay a lot of money for the same camera with a different name!! 

A lot of camera manufacturers are chasing their tails here, releasing endless minor updating models after the rumour sites get all hot and bothered with some supposed mind boggling new feature, which never surfaces. For example for Fuji we've had Medium-Format, Full-Frame and now 24MP sensor rumours for forthcoming models. Fuji have denied the first two, though the 24MP / X-Pro2  one might have legs. And I have to say, I hope they dump the X-trans sensor and stick one of these Sony units in it. Because if they do, then I'd be very interested. Because this is a superb sensor and the thought of my, currently seriously underused, Fuji lenses in front of one of those almost makes me want to stop using my Smartphone!!!

So, to finish, here's a few more a6000 / 85mm images.

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