Prepare to be amazed! - The Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone does Raw files.

I know I said I wasn't keen to do it, because it makes more work and changes the whole dynamic of me using a Smartphone, but I updated my Nokia Lumia 1020 and it now shoots 38MP RAW .DNG files. And yes they are big and slow to process, but after some work I have to change my opinion of the samples I saw earlier. With my own pictures to work on and some time experimenting with settings, they are simply amazing. 

Now phones don't shoot raw files right? They shoot smeared, noisy, nasty jpgs. Well maybe they did and maybe some still do, but you can cross the Nokia 1020 off that list (though it was never really on it.) I can now control dynamic range, colour balance, noise reduction and sharpening and produce images like the one below of my seemingly ever sleeping, thus ever available as a model, cat Jeff.
That's from a 38MP 109MB file. 

More in the next few days as I work with this and I'll hopefully post some raw samples sometime early next week. They are conveniently DNG files, so Adobe software will like them.

One thought, I wonder what all the other camera manufacturers (apart from Samsung, who seem to be on the case) make of this. Not only have the phone makers taken the micro sensor compact camera market away from them, they seem to have aspirations to do more. Is this as significant a camera as the Panasonic G1? Time will tell, but it's certainly given me food for thought. I suspect I'm not alone.

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