Nokia Lumia 1020 at high ISO

OK. So the Nokia 1020 is not so shabby at low ISO's. Taking into account the 41 million micro pixels on the micro sensor, it produces decent results. And if you downsize the files, it produces really quite good results. But at high ISO's it has to be rubbish, right?

Well prepare yourself for a shock. It's actually not that bad. I'd read this but didn't really believe it. I'd left it to today to do some tests as I wasn't expecting anything other than a smeared noise reduced mess. But as this 'camera' seems to be pointing out to me again and again, my preconceptions and long established prejudices are somewhat ill-conceived and have little to do with the facts.

So, not that unpleasant, and a nice surprise. But what really does get me all hot and bothered is that saturated old-school film look. I just love those colours. That's a real 1960's Kodachrome feel. The digital 'grain' is also very pleasing as well and somewhat unlike the standard high ISO luminance noise that we are used to. I know a few photographers who will drool over this.

So once again this device throws up another surprise. What next?

By the way to all my U.S. readers, happy Fourth of July. Feel free to celebrate giving us the elbow.

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