Mirrorless / CSC or Smartphone? A journey into downsizing - Part 4

While yesterdays post was tongue-in-cheek, there was an element of truth in it. Digital Photography is constantly changing and old becomes new, technology seems to be getting smaller and better and the picture-taking / posting / sharing explosion is taking photography in directions that many of us never imagined it would go. Encouraging while the sight of seemingly half the population of the UK snapping away happily is, does this portability and ease of use with the ever present smartphone do anything for our 'art' or is it just a proliferation of the banal and commonplace masquerading as something important?

For my last three stock shooting trips this was my camera outfit.

Considering everything I've used over the years and what I've written, this is not something I would have expected. far from it. But it works, it's enjoyable and it produces good results. And in many ways it's producing different results. I am producing a different kind of image and editing differently. So is this a case of the medium manipulating the message? 

I guess we all need to take stock (Sorry!) from time to time, think about what we are doing and how we are doing it and I'm certainly finding this 'smartphone aesthetic' interesting and stimulating. We have the documenting of the personal and the 'ordinary' these days and whether or not this attempt to elevate our daily existence to something more attention seeking than it probably deserves is a good or bad thing, there is no doubt that it is omnipresent in whatever media we choose to view. 

And it's clear that Social Media (note the capitals) is having a tremendous impact on this and in many ways is defining how camera development progresses. The quality of the Nokia Lumia 1020 wouldn't have been present in a small sensor camera I'm sure and it's surely no accident that this technology has been rolled out in a phone / camera / micro tablet or whatever else these devices are becoming. 

I'm currently exploring different avenues to market my work and I'll write more about that in future posts, but one thing is clear, there is a change going on and I've tried to resist it until now for a variety of reasons. However, from my personal and professional standpoint I feel that I can ignore it no longer. And despite my prejudice and reservations it is actually a way of working that I like and see possibilities for. 

One thing is for sure however, I won't be running for the reassuring cover of what might be described as 'conventional' cameras. There are too many possibilities that I would be foolish to ignore. And that's not something I would have expected to write about a camera attached to a phone.

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