Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water

Yesterday I witnessed an unsavoury scene. A man carrying a DSLR and a bag full of lenses was chased out the grounds of Kenilworth Castle by a woman. His alleged crime 'taking photographs of children.' It's the school holidays here and the various tourist attractions put on activities for kids. Above, in a picture I took on the same afternoon, the kids and their parents are taking part in a mock 'war game' to introduce them to the history of the place. The parents were of course snapping away with their mobile phones, taking pictures of their own and other children. The fact that the vast majority of children are abused by people that they know, is something that seems to go unheeded.

God knows what would happen if photographers tried to produce images like this these days. 

So my optimism that the 'mobile phone revolution' is allowing all forms of photography to flourish again has taken a knock. It seems that the 'all photographers are terrorists and / or paedophiles' attitude hasn't gone away from a certain element in society. The irony is that this comes after the revelations of what well-known 'entertainers' and senior political figures have been up to for years and which has been denied, covered up and the sex criminals protected. 

I guess photographers out with their cameras tempted to take a few shots of kids enjoying themselves are still easy targets. And people wonder why I keep writing about the virtues of shooting with a phone camera. Because people who take pictures on mobile phones couldn't possibly have sinister motives. Could they?

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