Great images with the Nokia 1020 - Time for a Sony RX10

So I went through a gate into a field and this things arm nearly hit me. It's a crop sprayer and it was turning a corner. It stopped, I stopped and just as I was wondering if this was my version of Cary Grant in North by North-West, it powered up and lumbered across the field like an At At. I got a great shot with my Nokia 1020 and as you can see I was able to extract an amazing amount of detail and dynamic range in Photoshop from the jpg.

However, much as I like using the Nokia, it is wide-angle only. I've tried taking out other cameras with longer lenses attached, but I've decided to go 1" sensor superzoom. Before I got back to the car, I'd ordered a Sony RX10 via my Nokia. (Yes you can buy things with it as well as take pictures!!) I'm also going to get a Panasonic FZ1000.

Picked up the RX10 today. Inserted battery and card and went out shooting in searing heat. Excellent camera. Really good to work with. However my shot of the day was again taken on the Nokia, showing just what lengths some people will go to to get that special selfie. Is there no end to this nonsense??

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