The whole instant photography and sharing thing.

Shot with an iPad. Posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the caption
'Luis Suarez training session.'

Shot with an iPad. 'Instagrammed' Edited, Captioned, Keyworded and uploaded to picture library.

Both images © Ann Taylor-Hughes using iPad Air

So we had this idea. Take a stock picture that said 'Man drinking in the summer.' So I got my bottle (sadly empty) of 25 year old Talisker that I bought years ago but can't bear to part with, partly because of how much it cost and mostly because of the memory of what it tasted like, (sublime!!) mixed a tea bag with some water, put some in the bottle and some in my Johnny Walker commemorative glass (I would point out that I don't drink alcohol at all these days, but that wasn't always the case) put on my sandals, went into the conservatory and posed (a somewhat exaggerated description of doing what comes naturally) while my wife Ann took a few pictures. The pictures were then run through Instagram, captioned and keyworded on the iPad and uploaded to a picture library using that as well. So all 'in-house.' Literally.

The apples were shot at the same time and I decided to upload that to facebook with the above 'witty' caption. (If you don't see it - using the apples to practice his 'bite'??? Please yourselves!)

So no great claims about the images here. The booze image might sell, it might not, but it's worth a punt. The point, I guess (if there is one) is that the whole 'project' took very little time, very little effort and was quick and easy to achieve. And since the point of the image is to simulate the kind of thing that gets posted to social media these days, then the medium fits the message quite nicely.

And I can't help thinking how much fun this is. And how many ideas I keep getting as to how to use all this. It's been a 'creative' few weeks in fact. Using the 'wrong' lenses on my Sony FE cameras, actually added vignetting and silly filters to images, back creating panoramas which I haven't done for a while and shooting on a mobile phone. Not things I would have predicted I'd be doing in June 2014. However, there's enormous benefits from this. I'm actually only 'pixel-peeping' now and then and not very seriously and the emphasis is on creating images. Now they might work, they might not, but at least I'm thinking about pictures and not gear. 

So despite using the worst cameras I have, I'm actually really enjoying making pictures again. I've never actually disliked doing that, far from it, but this has got my imagination going again. My quest for technical perfection seems to be on hold for the moment and I must admit this whole instant imaging business is pretty addictive. Somewhat different from my years of patiently (NOT!) editing raw files from large sensor cameras very carefully and obsessing about image quality and the quality of my kit. This is all about see a picture, take the picture, do something with it and get on with the next. 

Now, as I constantly write, I may well return to my OCD method of producing images, but it does strike me that I've been doing that for so long that I deserve a 'holiday' from all that workflow. The great thing about all this is that workflow doesn't actually come into it. 'Playflow' might be a better description. And I'm not sure I'm inclined to 'go back to work' anytime soon.

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