Sony A7r and the Sony 10-18mm f/4 e-mount Lens

All images - Sony A7r 10-18mm f/4 APS-C zoom.

Using this APS-C lens on my 35mm / 'full-frame' camera is as addictive as it is surprising. While it takes some post-processing work to sort out the vignetting and distortion, as you can see it produces some very dramatic results. 

Very reminiscent of the Sigma 12-24mm zooms that I've used in the past on cameras from my Kodak Pro/n to Nikon D800E, but with the advantage of being much smaller and much lighter. This hyper-reality, wider than than my eyes can see, view of the world gives me the option to create eye-catching images of places that I visit, such as the stately home above. 

In the competitive world of stock photography anything that makes my images stand out is useful and this lens / camera combination certainly does that. 

It isn't perfect and there are certainly soft corners at all apertures, but it's not that much worse than the aforementioned Sigma zoom and since it has this graduated fall-off in sharpness from the centre out, it actually works in focusing attention on what's in the centre of the shot. 

As I said it is surprising that it works so well and while I'm no fan of making a virtue out of a deficiency in photographic gear, I'm prepared to be somewhat more tolerant than usual because of the nature of the images I'm getting. They may be somewhat removed from reality, but I can't deny that I'm enjoying creating them.

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