Sony a6000 - The Positives

I've written a lot recently about what I see as the deficiencies in what Sony offer as a camera and lens manufacturer. However with the company's products in general and the a6000 in particular there are a lot of positives as well. I thought I'd use this post to mention ten of them.

1. EVF. Less pixels, but sharp and clear none the less. I think it's an improvement on what I've used before. So just exactly what are the benefits of all those pixels in other EVF's? Plus it's OLED.
2. As I've written before, the AF is very fast, accurate and reliable.
3. 24MP, though pushing it for an APS-C sized sensor as far as I'm concerned, sure gives a lot of image to play with for cropping etc.
4. Nice positive shutter. No wimpy, flaccid Fuji X or m4/3 dithering here.
5. Really exellent useable jpgs. Good colour, sharpness and dynamic range. Very similar to A7 / A7r results.
6. Reasonably priced.
7. Top class results with top class lenses, e.g. 35mm and 55mm FE.
8. Small but decent handling. The grip does add stability.
9. Reasonable battery life with the same battery used in most of Sony's 'serious' cameras. No need to take lots of chargers and different sized batteries when I go away on a trip.
10. Able to share lenses with my Sony FE's. To this end I've ordered a 10-18mm wide-angle zoom, which apparently works on the A7 and A7r with minimal vignetting at most focal lengths. 

Now none of these are small things. But in terms of my workflow and time taken per picture edit, the quality of the jpgs. is really important to me. I may have reservations about Sony cameras in other ways, but the time I save using them is a serious advantage. I reckon that's it's half the time at least that I take with my Fuji files and 2/3rds. of the time I take with my m4/3 files. I reckon over a year this could be a time saving of weeks rather than days of time I don't have to spend post processing and editing. And it's hard to argue with cameras that free up that amount of time in a year to do other things than sit in front of a computer monitor adjusting colour, dynamic range and sharpness. Plus of course I don't have to interpolate my a6000 images to get them to the size I like to upload to picture libraries.

No matter how 'sexy' my Fuji's are and how much I like using them and my Panasonics, this is a really compelling reason to use current Sony cameras. And yes I could choose Fuji and Panasonic jpgs. but in reality I actually couldn't because I don't like them enough to use them. They may suit other people but they don't suit me. My current Sony's are the only cameras I've ever used that give me jpgs. that I prefer over raw files. And since I consistently sell between 15-20,000 images per year via all my libraries and currently I'm racking up some serious sales numbers, I'm not inclined to change my somewhat exacting approach to editing files and upload images I'm not 100% happy with. I haven't in the past, which though it's meant that I spend far too much of life in front of a computer and I have no intention of doing so in the future. 

And if using Sony cameras allows me to maintain these standards AND spend less time doing it AND upload larger file sizes without upsizing then you can see their attractions for me. So any time I'm out using one and I think to myself 'This isn't as much fun as using my x,y or z', all I have to do is remember that by using a Sony camera I get more time to shoot pictures, live a life away from from Photoshop and of course have more time to write this blog. And surely everybody can see the benefits in that.

Incidentally images above were shot with the 16-50mm kit zoom and a Sony 85mm f/2.8 a-mount lens using my LA-EA4 adapter.

Another reminder that I've started a new group on Google+. This is for all photographers who use Mirrorless and/or Compact System Cameras. As ever, I have no problems about what you post. Links to your own stuff is fine. So if you have anything you'd like to share from Leica's to Lumix, then please feel free to post.

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