Sony a6000 and my conversion to jpgs.

All images Sony a6000 10-18mm and 28-70mm e-mount zoom lenses. All from OOC jpgs. + Photoshop.

I NEVER used to use jpgs. to create my stock photography files. In fact I used to argue at length on forums about the virtues of raw and the disadvantages of nasty, over processed, soft, noise reduced jpgs. (Open minded as ever then!) But two things happened recently. Firstly Sony with my A7 (yes it's back - long story!!) A7r and a6000 turned out to produce really good and useable jpgs. and Secondly (and more importantly) I have neither the time or the inclination to process the enormous backlog of pictures I have via raw. Batch raw editing doesn't work for me as I like to edit each file individually. So I have to consign myself to hours in front of my computer monitor or, as I've decided to do, work with the jpgs. and consign myself to slightly less hours in front of said monitor. And I have to admit that one of the attractions of the phone camera option I'm considering is the speed of getting the images from camera to picture library website.

In terms of my time allocation, I'm much less a photographer and much more an image processer, manipulator and editor these days and that's not a ratio I like much. I love taking pictures, I'm much less keen on the post production work. So a big thank you to Sony. Superb jpgs. with very little work to be done to them that I can quickly turnaround. Because all the advantages of shooting and processing raw (and there are many) are pointless if the files are sitting on my computer rather than on a picture library website. 

The culprit here is the UK weather, which has been excellent in photographic terms for over a year now. We are in the middle of a mini-heatwave currently and I'm out shooting every day and coming home with lots more pictures to edit. Now I'm not going to knock that, I'm well aware that things could change and the next few months could revert to type and be dull and wet, but I still have pictures from last summer that are sitting waiting to be edited. So if it's jpgs. and accept a few compromises but get the pictures earning money or take a long time processing raw to get the best results I can, then I'm choosing the former. I could of course give up sleeping.

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