Mirrorless / CSC or Smartphone? A journey into downsizing - Part 2

My Blackberry Q10 (Q stands for Qwerty keyboard)

It's certainly small

Colour Balance is spot on. Panasonic GM1 isn't.

Basic Functions.
Some filters.

Image quality with a low pixel count is surprisingly good. Very reminiscent of 35mm film scans.

Some 'interesting' old school renditions. Despite myself I actually like these.

So it's an OK camera. IQ similar to the 6MP digital SLR's and compacts I was shooting with 10 years ago. Colour is probably the most accurate I've ever seen, which is surprising, but very welcome. It has a shutter button, so its not just tap the screen. I like using it. It's simple and has pretty consistent and accurate metering and given enough time accurate focusing. I'm not about to shoot Formula 1 with it anytime soon, but it produces decent enough images.

But then I arrived back home with this earlier today and it's somewhat different.

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