Fuji X100s creates great panoramas

By using my Fuji X100s, shooting square jpgs. at ISO 100 and stitching them together in PTGui I've been able to create some very high quality panoramic stitches both quickly and easily.

PTGui has improved significantly over the years I've used it and it's now extremely quick and accurate to stitch images together. It's significantly faster to use than Photoshop Photomerge, which when I was using Photoshop CC didn't even work properly. 

Lots of cameras offer a Panoramic function these days, but for the best quality a dedicated stitching programme and good quality originals is still the best way to do it. 

I made sure that all images were focused and exposed identically, since to do otherwise can create problems. So I used my X100s with the basic 23mm lens, manually focused using the peaking function and set the exposure manually as well. That gives a nice even set of images that merge and blend together very easily. Most good software, including PT Gui, can compensate to a certain extent for different exposures, but it never produces the best results. 

I haven't done this for a while because it can take a lot of time, but with the new improved speeded up PT Gui, creating excellent high resolution panoramas is now much faster than it was. The file sizes on the above are anything from 70-125MB in size, which allows for incredibly high quality reproduction and for picture library purposes means that if required, the images can be cropped while still retaining excellent quality. 

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