Dpreview review of Sony a6000 - Oh Dear.

Dpreviews 'Cons' for the a6000.

  • Flash exposures often misjudged - By the camera or the photographer? I've had no problems.
  • No In-camera Raw conversion option - That's a plus isn't it?
  • Noise reduction can be a bit heavy-handed - Simply not true. Note that in their Pro's they put this - 'Good JPEGs with well-judged sharpening.' ???
  • No touchscreen - Again that's a plus for me.
  • No electronic level gauge - Yes that is a Con.
  • Battery life feels low (though provided charge percentage info helps judge remaining life) - Again simply not true. I went on three shoots over two days with one battery and still had 31% left.
  • Specifying an autofocus point can be cumbersome - Yet again simply not true. The Fn button on the back gives access to menu icons. Select the focus menu icon, then flexible spot M and you can move the AF point where you want. It's two clicks and it takes a second. Plus of course you can allocate a function button to go straight into focus area and if flexible spot M is selected then you can immediately start moving the AF point around. That's one click and hardly qualifies as 'cumbersome.' Well for those of us that haven't got the IQ of a shoelace that is.
  • Lens range not as well developed as rival systems - Yes another Con.
  • Movie record button can lead to shaken footage at start and end of clips - Seriously? Just like every other camera made that shoots video by pressing a button on the camera if you hand hold it.
  • Lack of included external charger makes keeping a second battery charged awkward - Yes this is Sony being stupid and mean. But again in their Pro's they wrote this 'USB charging offers convenience' Again ???. Having it both ways are we?
Now if you read back through my posts on the a6000 - 

you'll see I've been critical of many things on the a6000, video codec, lack of lenses, the badly implemented programme mode etc. so I'm far from a blinkered fanboy. But much of the above is ridiculous. There are several statements that just aren't true, others that seek to see a plus and a minus for the same feature and some that, quite frankly, show whoever put this together to be somewhat challenged in the intelligence department. Plus what have Dpreview got against Sony jpgs? The A7 / A7r and now this. My view couldn't be more different to them. I'm also not alone, as many others have said how impressive the current Sony jpgs. are.

Basically, I've given up on Dpreview ever doing a decent review again. They used to be reliable and a good source, but over the last year or so they have simply become a waste of time as far as I'm concerned. Innaccuracies and opinions (and ineptitude) masquerading as facts and / or faults. Come back Phil Askey - Please!! But then again he probably left for a reason. (Took the money and ran?)
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