What kind of camera is the Sony A7r?

Now I've realised that the Sony A7 / A7r (and by implication the A7s) aren't actually either pro. cameras or system cameras (because there isn't any system to speak of) then the easier it will be for me to find a use for them. Like many others I suspect, I bought into the system thinking that the large high quality sensors indicated something more than is actually the case. i.e. 35mm film sized sensors in NEX bodies restyled to look like DSLR's. 

Because it is yet another Sony system for which they now have to come up with another set of lenses (or not!!). They have a-mount for 35mm film sized sensors, a-mount for APS-C sized sensors, e-mount for APS-C sensors and now a few e-mount for 35mm film sized sensors. So in reality the FE system could be thought of as an 'a-mount sensor' in an e-mount body. And my way of dealing with that is to accept it as it is, realise that an entire lens system won't be forthcoming for months, years or maybe never and deal with that accordingly. 

Using the A7r yesterday with a 55mm f/1.8 lens (superb) and an 85mm f/2.8 + LA-EA4 adapter (very decent) yielded very good images indeed. Light(ish) and small(ish) it may have been, it was a combination that wasn't ideal however and the 35mm f/2.8 may well provide a more useful pairing. Sony are Sony I guess, and I saw a statistic that said since they have ventured into serious camera production they have come up with 40 cameras and 56 lenses, which probably says it all. So I will sell some stuff and buy the 35mm and take it from there. It's not ideal, it's not what I thought I was buying into but at the end of the day the images are superb and that's the important bit.

So that's all good then.

Plus Birmingham City grabbed a late (93 minutes) equaliser that spared them the ignominy of descending into League 1, which is somewhat unlike them but has put me in a very good mood, so I'm prepared to be a bit more flexible / tolerant / adaptable. (Delete as appropriate)

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