The Panasonic GM1 - My camera of the year!!!

 All images - Panasonic GM1 12-32mm lens

Nobody will be more surprised than me to learn that the Panasonic GM1 is currently in pole position to be the 'Soundimageplus camera of the year'.

It's too small, too light, has no viewfinder and in terms of my preferences and prejudices is pretty much a 'non-camera'  as far as I'm concerned. An 'electronic matchbox.' And yet I can't stop using it and being constantly impressed at how good it is. The video footage it produces is incredibly good and makes a mockery of what much larger and more expensive cameras produce on that front, but the stills are also pretty nifty too. 

I'm spared the embarrassment of admitting to carrying a camera in my pocket by the rather nice and very useful leather carrying case, but it really is a take anywhere camera. Unobtrusive, silent and capable of being used as a 'notebook' camera that everybody probably thinks is a phone from a distance. 

The pictures above were taken when I was out shopping and though normally I never carry a camera with me when I'm doing that, this time I decided to take the GM1 and got some admittedly unremarkable but useful 'urban landscape' shots. I still have no idea whether I will keep it long term, but I'm not inclined to sell it currently. 

It occurs to me that this and the GH4 are the last two camera releases from Panasonic. Now if that doesn't make them one of the most interesting and innovative camera manufacturers out there, then I don't know what does.

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