The Fuji X100s three lens system

I like this camera and it's 'add-on' conversion lenses a lot more than I probably should. All that chrome and metal punches rather too many of my buttons than is good for me to remain objective about the gear I use. And if you think it looks good then just wait until you pick it up!

I love the simplicity, I love the style, I love the way of working it make me adopt. It's not the fastest, it's not the best image quality but it is by some distance the most enjoyable and satisfying camera / lenses combination I've ever used. So pretty much a retro-heads pride and joy and surely must win an award for the best 'lookaleica' ever made. Takes a decent snap as well.

Lots of things that I like. Changing 'lenses' without having to always turn the camera off to avoid dust spots. Able to shoot square compositions so I don't have to bother about camera orientation and the screen and EVF blacking out because of the non-OLED viewfinder. Nicely positioned +/- dial I can use without removing my eye from the viewfinder. Three 'lenses' all f/2. With the Fuji X-Trans sensors ability to provide quality clean images at high ISO's it's pretty much a shoot anywhere / anything camera. Wonderfully quiet leaf shutter. Small but not too small. Light, but not too light. With it's add-on on Photo Madd grip, the best handling camera I've ever used and the most enjoyable to use. 

If i let my heart rule my head I would dump everything else and just use this (plus a black set for backup) because it's almost impossible to resist it's old-school retro charms. But I probably won't. However with my track record with gear, I don't rule anything out any more.


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