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'As expected, the Zeiss 35mm F2.8 is a gorgeous lens, brilliantly sharp across the frame, but we were also very impressed with the slow Sony 28-70 lens. Considering the price and specs, we weren’t expecting much, but it’s actually one of the strongest kit lenses we’ve tested, up there with the Fuji X 18-55 zoom' - The Camera Store

There must be some mistake. The Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS is a great lens? Well actually yes it is. Mind you if you stick virtually anything in front of the sensor inside the Sony A7r, it becomes a great lens. Because though the amount of internet BS written about camera sensors is enough to sink a battleship, it is merely a drop in the ocean (lots of nautical cliches today then!) compared to amount of bandwidth clogging drivel written about lenses. And yes I've contributed my fair share.

Just as the quality of images produced with a film camera has much more to do with what film you use, the quality of images produced with a digital camera has much more to do with the sensor. Sure a 'bad' lens doesn't make the best of that, but firstly there are actually very few of those around these days and secondly firmware, software, lens profiles and Photoshop reduce lens differences to a minimum that is actually meaningless where it really counts, i.e. the production of a final edited image ready to be shared electronically or via a print medium. 

Yesterday I wandered through a classic English landscape on a classic summers day. One camera, one lens, ISO set to 400, mode dial set to programme. So having taken care of the 'technicalities' I just concentrated on doing what really mattered, taking some pictures. And I should point out that for the most part my cameras are set on programme mode, because it works. There are times when I want the most (or least) DOF I can get, there are times when I need a faster (or slower) shutter speed, but for the most part I want a well-exposed, sharp image that captures what I see and the fragment of time and place I want to preserve. And the Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS plus the A7r 36MP sensor set to programme mode does that better than most. Are the 35mm and 55mm FE lenses better optically than the zoom? Well yes they are. Does it matter? No of course it doesn't, because the differences are, in reality, unimportant and for the most part can be reduced, corrected and eliminated easily and quickly. 

Unless I need wide apertures and high shutter speeds and / or work in poor light, zooms are far more useful to me than prime lenses. And while I'm never going to demean the pleasure of using a classic focal length prime, on a day when I was attempting to put more mileage into already aching and tired legs, the usefulness of this lens quickly became apparent. It just works, it does the job, it gets the 'pictures in the can'. It does that efficiently, easily and quickly. It's a lens that allows me to work 'fiddle-free' and also free of having to change lenses, carry a camera bag and walk any further than the miles I've already walked to frame my picture. And it focuses the light onto what is probably the best and most useful camera sensor ever made. And in my book that makes it a great lens.


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