Sony a6000 - two 35mm lenses - programme mode

I've got two great 35mm lenses I can use with the a6000. The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 a-mount lens used in the shot above and the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 FE lens used in the shot below.

I had done some test shots with these before but I decided to do them again as I had shot them in programme mode. Now I always do this when first getting a new camera, basically to see how it works. Sony have this odd idea of how to implement this. As has been noted many times by other writers they seem to like slower shutter speeds rather than increasing the aperture or shutter speed. My Sony cameras like to default to 1/60th. sec. an awful lot, seemingly under any circumstances, with any lens. It would be nice if there was, like on other cameras, a way to set a minimum shutter speed. I therefore shot all these images using Shutter Prority.

On the difference between the two 35mm lenses, the native e-mount lens focused faster on the a6000, which is actually very fast. The Sigma has to focus via the LA-EA4 adapter, which seems to slightly slow it down. Now I didn't notice this difference on either my A7 or A7r, but neither camera focuses as fast as the a6000 anyway. 

As you will be aware those extra two stops on the Sigma make a rather large difference in terms of size and weight, particularly with the adapter added on. I've never had a problem with large lenses on small bodies. I cradle the lens in my left hand and find the combination quite comfortable to use in fact. Certainly the results from both lenses are excellent, which of course is to be expected.

There's no doubt the the a6000 benefits from having better lenses in front of the sensor. Sony kit lenses are somewhat so-so and apparently the Zeiss 16-70mm isn't that great either from reviews I've seen. 

I would mention that the cute picture of Jeff the cat above was shot at ISO 3200 and is reproduced here from the OOC jpg. It's actually pretty good and as you can see very sharp. It was taken on the FE 35mm f/2.8. 

It would be nice if the weather improved so I could try the a6000 out in some sunshine. And I'd like to try out the AF speed on something other than Jeff, who is a willing model, but I think I've taken enough shots of him with this camera!

So if and when that happens I'll post some more thoughts.

Finally, I've started a new group on Google+. This is for all photographers who use Mirrorless and/or Compact System Cameras. As ever, I have no problems about what you post. Links to your own stuff is fine. So if you have anything you'd like to share from Leica's to Lumix, then please feel free to post.

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