Panasonic image app - power zoom control on iPad. GX7 and 45-175mm lens

Another thing you can do with the Panasonic image app is control the power zoom of the 14-42mm and 45-175mm lenses via an iPad, as in the above video sample, shot with a 45-175mm on my GX7. You can of course further expand this by turning on the EX TELE CONV option which takes a 1920 x 1080 section from the frame and records that, thus giving a greatly expanded telephoto option with no noticeable loss of quality.

The more I explore the possibilities of what Panasonic can offer in terms of video, the more obvious it becomes that this is the hybrid stills / video system I've been looking for. It's now become odds on that I will be getting a GH4. 

In addition to all this video work I've been doing, I've been continuing my ongoing investigations into producing the best raw file stills conversions I can with m4/3 files. I've now managed to improve this to such an extent that I can now get an ultra 'clean' image at ISO 400 which I couldn't before and I've also been able to increase the extent to which I can upsize the files and still retain an acceptable level of sharpness. 

I have to say I'm also very impressed with the way that Panasonic in particular are 'pushing' the m4/3 format into an all-round system capable of handling pretty much anything. With the GH4 I gather that high speed sports / action etc. photography is now very much possible and that really only now leaves the high ISO performance problem as something to be solved. I suspect that this is going to have to be done via software, but I wouldn't put it past Panasonic to find some solution to this.

m4/3 is a system that I often think I've going to leave behind, but there's always something that brings me back. Recently this has been the remote capabilities via iPad that are opening up all sorts of possibilities for me and I'm genuinely excited by the options I now have at my disposal. I keep moving to other formats thinking that they might be 'the one' but m4/3 is the most innovative and fastest moving digital camera format out there and it strikes me it has grasped the future of digital photography and video with both hands. The GM1, much against my expectations, is proving to be an incredibly useful camera for me, with capabilities way beyond what might be expected of it and the GH4 looks like it's going to be a seriously powerful imaging tool for both the photographer and movie maker. 

Olympus are still working in a more 'traditional' way in terms of designs and feature and their cameras are seemingly intended primarily for those with little interest in video. Panasonic however are going full tilt at the 'hybridographer' market and since I seem to be moving in that direction it's not a surprise that I'm attracted by their products.

The rumour is that Panasonic are making the lenses for the Leica T system, which shows the respect that a company like Leica holds them in. And I've always been very impressed with what Panasonic can achieve in this field. They are a somewhat unusual company in that they make everything, cameras, sensors, electronics and lenses. I can only think of Canon who do something similar. And I have to say that I think that Panasonic do all of these things very well indeed. When I initially bought into m4/3 I started using the 4 Panasonic 4/3 lenses, designed and made in conjunction with Leica. And they were great lenses. Everybody goes on about the Olympus 4/3 range and though it's more extensive, those four Panasonics are gems. And now of course we have lenses like the 42.5mm f/1.2 which is becoming harder to resist by the day.

However, for the moment I've contented myself with ordering a S/H 14-42mm power zoom to use as a pair for video with the 45-175mm. Should give me a nice versatile combination for outdoor video and of course, it almost goes without saying, a small and light one as well.

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