Panasonic GX7 files and Iridient Developer

All images - Panasonic GX7 45-175mm zoom lens

Doing what I do, it's imperative that I get the best quality files that I can. m4/3 with it's smaller sensor and higher pixel density is more of a challenge than APS-C or 35mm film sized sensors to achieve that with. The trick is to keep the sharpness that the files are capable of without increasing the luminance noise (digital 'grain') that is almost inevitably of consequence of sharpening. To that end I've got a pretty good Photoshop ACR preset that works very nicely. 

Now I've used Iridient Developer exclusively for my Fuji X files, but a few days ago I thought I would have a look at how it processed m4/3 files. I was impressed. So this morning I've done a more thorough comparison between that, Photoshop and the OOC jpg. As you can see from the 100% blowups above, the IR files are just that bit sharper without increasing the noise. My ACR files are right on the limit of what I can do with them, so I can't really push the sharpening any more. However, with IR I can sharpen slightly more without any ill effects.

I have to say that I prefer what IR does with m4/3 files than the results I get from my Fuji X cameras. The sharpness for those is fine, but the colours are a bit off. No such problems with my Panasonic files. As you can see the colour is very consistent with all the files.

So, not a lot of use if you own a PC, since IR is Mac only. But I recommend you give it a try. There is a trial download HERE so it costs you nothing to see what it's like. 

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