Panasonic GX7 and GM1 cameras - Heatwave - Website launch - Lots of editing - The old 'size matters' dilemma.

All above - Panasonic GM1 12-32mm lens

All above - Panasonic GX7 14-42mm and 45-175mm lenses

You may have noticed that recently I've missed a day or two posting, my posts are down to mostly one a day and they are shorter. Currently I'm in a pretty hectic period. I'm doing lots of editing, we are experiencing a mini heatwave so I'm out shooting a lot and as I've been writing for some time I'm in the process of setting up a new business. This is supposed to be launching very soon and the website(s) are going live. I've been heavily involved in sorting those out, setting up all the social media add-ons that are essential for start-up businesses these days and generally involved in discussions back and forth. The fact that this business is not just me, but involves eight people, four countries, three continents and different time zones means I'm not getting a lot of sleep currently. However, I've pretty much finished what I need to do urgently and I have a hiatus just waiting until this is unleashed onto an unsuspecting world before the whole frenetic round of emails, and skype calls starts again. You will of course be the first to know when this sees the light and day. It's been a while since I started something up from scratch like this and while I'm very excited at the possibilities, it does involve a lot of work.

I have managed to get out however. The bottom set of pictures was taken a few days ago when some beautiful light appeared after a day of rain and the top set was taken yesterday when I got out on my bike for a much needed burst of exercise on a very hot day. Both sets of pictures were taken with my small m4/3 cameras and lenses and very nice they are too. I've always liked the GX7 and the GM1 is proving to be a 'pocket rocket'. However, my burst of m4/3 activity may be coming to a temporary end. Firstly, I got an email from Fuji saying my TCL-X100 tele conversion lens for my X100s was in stock and I've just had an email saying it's on it's way. Though with my recent experiences of lost deliveries I'll believe that only when I'm holding it in my hands. So when (if?) that arrives I'll be trying that out. Looking forward to it. 

The other reason is that for my aforementioned business venture, I still have to decide what to do regarding my gear. The m4/3 cameras are great for my stock photography, but I'm going to be back into a situation where I'm working with customers face to face again. Like the situations before when I was shooting weddings, events and commercial work, I'm the 'Pro Photographer' and my expectation is that I will be 'required' to look like one. It's the old dilemma regarding gear, that those who don't live on the photographic internet tend to regard bigger, heavier DSLR cameras and lenses (or cameras and lenses that look like that) as the tools that a 'professional' photographer would use. Plus what I'm doing involves shooting video. And while I'm getting great results using this -

for the sake of appearances I may end up using this.

Since, if the business takes off, people will be paying me to to do a job and in fact to be demonstrating my competence and abilities throughout our encounters. And while I'm fully aware that the size of photographers equipment is no indicator of the size of their talent, there are lot's of people who think exactly that. 

And there is a difference between shooting stock photography on my own and working with clients who know me, have used me before and trust that whatever I bring to a job it will be appropriate and working with people that I'm only going to be meeting once for a few hours, which is what this new venture will involve. So, since I'm not going to be returning to an actual DSLR, that leaves the choice between my Fuji X-T1 or Sony FE cameras. Since, as I've discussed before the Sony's are more suitable for video and despite the odd codecs, easier to work with, I suspect that I'll be going with them. One of the reasons I have so much gear sitting on the shelf is that I've been waiting to see how this business idea evolved and whether in fact it would evolve at all. However, it does seem to be going to happen, though counting my chickens is something I gave up doing ages ago, but I'll will probably have to some kind of a decision.

Interesting that when push comes to shove I have no hesitation in choosing a DSLR (or in this case a DSLR lookalike) But then I suspect as a professional photographer I'm far from alone in doing that.

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