Northern Light

Sony A7r Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 lens

I am currently in touch with a photographer from Arizona, of which more at a later date. And she has some remarkable pictures of an environment almost alien to me. Alien because of the intense light and seemingly constant sunshine. There are times when I envy that, but there are times when I think that's all too easy and the rewards for patience and enduring the volatile weather of the UK are worth more than working in some kind of endless summer. 

The UK has a fine tradition of landscape and location photography and an image of an historic building lit by a dramatic shaft of light on an otherwise wet, cold, overcast day is one of the prizes of living in a country dominated by the caprices of the jet stream. And there is no doubt that being resident here makes me appreciate the quality of Northern Light and it's dramatic impact. Somewhat like living in a natural theatre with the action directed by the weather. If that sounds pretentious (and it probably is) then I make no apology for it. In the UK, if we work outdoors, we earn our images and that of course makes the ones we treasure very special. Maybe it's that deeply embedded protestant ethic that is suspicious of achievement that is too  easy. And whatever is indeed buried in my genes I know that I value something more if it's achieved by hard work and perseverance. 

And if you believe that, you'll believe anything!!

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