More with the Panasonic GM1 - 12-32mm and 45-175mm lenses

In preparation for my new workshop / tour business venture, which is launching very soon, I went out with the Panasonic GM1 again. This time with 12-32mm and 45-175mm lenses, as I wanted to be inconspicuous. And it really is a great camera if you don't want to be noticed. Absolutely nobody took any notice of me.

It really is an amazing little camera and fitted with the two small zoom lenses it makes an incredible 'miniature' package. Outdoors, in good light, it is unsurpassed by any other system for any kind of quality / size comparison. With it's interchangeable lens capabilities it's way more versatile than the Sony RX's. Plus I can switch to stabilised hand held video any time I like and get superb HD footage. 

I've been critical of cameras like this in the past, but then nothing has ever been this good in the past, so I have some excuse. It is still a somewhat strange experience for me using it and it certainly has a street / camera / posing cred ratio of absolute zero. This camera won't get you admiring looks and you'll just be assumed to be some kind of tourist happy snapper using it. But the anonymity that provides is also one of it's great virtues. With it's silent shutter and incredibly fast responsiveness this is surely the real deal for 'street photographers.'

So if you are interested in candid / documentary / reportage photography and you would benefit from being as 'invisible' as possible then you might want to give it a try. But for those who like to pretend that they are candid / documentary / reportage photographers because they feel that gives them some kind of kudos, then I wouldn't bother. No-one will turn their heads when you use one of these.

An absolutely brilliant camera. 

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