Fujifilm TCL-X100 Teleconverter for X100(S) Cameras - 'Real World' shooting

I'm hard pressed to think of another day in my entire photographic life when I enjoyed using a camera and lenses so much. Someone posted a comment on Google+ recently asking why I didn't seem to be using the X100s much. The answer was I was waiting for the TCL-X100 Teleconverter. I really wanted the 3 'lens' set or 'system'. And yes I know the wide-angle and tele converters aren't strictly lenses, but they might as well be considering what they do. I now have 19mm, 23mm and 33mm options for my X100s, turning one of the most beautiful cameras ever made into a lot more than a fixed lens compact with a couple of screw in adapters.

But first, here is what you get from the set.

So, not a huge range, but one that will certainly give me lots of creative options. 

I also took the opportunity to indulge another of my retro head tendencies and shoot square pictures, which the X100s lets you do with the OOC jpgs. (The raw files stay 3:2)

I've always loved the simple formal elegance of the square frame. I've always felt it focuses the eye on what's important and 'gets to the point' better than any other framing rectangle I use. 

I think I always knew I would fall in love with this 3-lens option (and yes I'm calling them lenses from now on) The wonderful simplicity of the X100s design, the old-school aesthetic, the incredibly good handling were seemingly designed with me in mind. I know it's going to take some serious sensible and logical self convincing to stop me from putting everything else on ebay and buying another X100s set in black! Because using this camera today with the two converters is to me the joy of photography. There wasn't a single moment I wasn't smiling to myself. 

As I mentioned in my last post I was tired yesterday after a succession of hot days out shooting combined with getting things ready for my new business. This wasn't helped by the fact that yesterday evening I had a game of Badminton (or my pathethic attempts to hit a shuttlecock as it should be more accurately described) plus I kicked a ball about and even fell off one of my nephews BMX bikes. So after this attempt to convince my body I was 17 again (Total failure I'm afraid!) I was somewhat fatigued today. However I still managed a walk around the grounds of a stately home on a hot sunny afternoon (The last for while I'm afraid) and indulged myself with my 'lookaleica'. 

I guess it is an indulgence, because in terms of IQ I have better. But then none of my other cameras feel like this to use. They don't have that sublime leaf shutter, the beautifully weighted knobs and dials and that lovely solid metallic feel of the lenses. Despite all that technology on the inside, this is a photo fanatics camera on the outside. One that takes the best of the old and combines it with the best of the new. I love the look of old film cameras, but I don't want to use film any more, so the X100s is a real treat. There is also this bonus that the images that come out of it are pretty special too. The above are OOC jpgs. with only minimal adjustment in Photoshop, so it would speed up my workflow as well.

If I was shooting just for myself everything else would be going, but I take pictures to make a living as well. It is going to be hard however to forget just how good using the X100s and it's three lenses felt. Is this THE ONE? It just might be.


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