Fujifilm TCL-X100 Teleconverter for X100(S) Cameras

A Fujifilm TCL-X100 Teleconverter for my X100s arrived today. I had emailed Fuji a while ago to check availability and they sent me an email last Thursday to say that they had 1 in stock. I promptly ordered it and it arrived this morning. This must be one of the first to arrive in the UK since no-one else currently has one, though I guess with the arrival of mine they will be in stock very soon.

First off it's somewhat bigger and heavier than the WCL-X100 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens and it has the hood built in. Like the W/A converter it screws on the front of the fixed 23mm lens on the X100s. To get the optical viewfinder frame lines you have to download the latest firmware, but it works with the EVF without having to do that. It is in common with all the other Fuji lenses I have, beautifully made. And fitted to the camera the X100s almost looks more 'leicaesque' than a Leica. It's very classy and VERY old school. And of course I love it.

The above are 100% blow ups from unsharpened OOC jpgs. and as you can see it's optically very good, even at f/2. It is in fact just like buying a 'real' lens. So if like me you enjoy pretending that you're Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson or similar with that uber cool mid twentieth-century photojournalist vibe, then you'll love this. I know I do. (Though how photographing buttercups in your garden fits in with this fantasy God only knows!!)

By the way did I mention this cost me £219. I'll repeat that - £219. Pretty much a steal at that price because to get an f/2 'standard lens' that looks as good and performs as well as this is pretty unusual. Just imagine how much other companies would charge for something like this. For example I would point out that the optical viewfinder for the Sony RX1 costs £375. So almost as much again for a small bit of glass and plastic that the Fuji 100s doesn't need anyway. Well I guess you pays your money etc.......... 

So another example of Fuji lens excellence and coming out with a product that is stylish, high-quality and (very) reasonably priced. Just further evidence that they really are turning into the classiest camera company out there. Expect lots of camera porn from my new 3-lens 'lookaleica' outfit in the next few days. Who knows, I may even get around to taking some pictures with it!!


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