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Two new intriguing Fuji rumours seem to gaining momentum. That the new compact X-30 camera will have a 1" sensor like the Sony X100's and the Nikon 1 range. The other is that Fuji are possibility coming out with a 50MP 'Medium-Format' fixed lens camera. With the first it would make sense. Use the excellent properties of the X-Trans sensor for clean high ISO results and we may end up with a 1" sensor camera that could equal or get close to the results from m4/3 in low light situations.

For the second, Fuji could bring out a digital version of their, still currently available, MF film camera, the GF670.
They also made a 6x4.5 and the amazing studio monster, the 6x8cm. 

Fuji do have this film camera heritage, so it's no real surprise that they are making a success of their move into old-school styled digital. And I have to say it's another reason I'm attracted to what they make. Despite getting a lot of things right, Panasonic and Sony don't really have that heritage nor that Fuji penchant for the 'quirky'. (Just look at the picture above!)

The 1" X30 seems virtually a done deal and the MF camera wouldn't really be that much of a surprise given that Sony are also rumoured to be planning one as well. Overkill? Well maybe. But just imagine how much you could crop into a 50MP sensor and pull out medium-telephoto shots with incredible detail. Fuji could even include a 'crop zoom' feature like choosing the APS-C frame on a camera with a 35mm film sized sensor. 

As ever, Fuji seem to come up with ideas that stir the imagination. And yes it may seem like I work for them, not helped by the fact that Fujifilm UK themselves linked to one of my 'gush' posts about the X100s teleconverter on Twitter yesterday, but I don't. I am however a self-confessed Fuji fanboy and I have a real enthusiasm for what they come up with. They aren't dull by any stretch of the imagination. 

So who knows what I could be using come the Autumn. A range of Fuji cameras from a 1" sensor compact to a megapixel monster. And that's one of the great things about Fuji fanboyism, always something to anticipate and dream about using. Somewhat different from drooling (or not!) about the next exciting (or not!) update to the Canon 'Rebel' range. And if any other camera is misnamed as completely as the 'Rebels' I'd Iove to hear about it. Since using one of those is about as rebellious as watching Strictly Come Dancing sipping a cup of cocoa!!

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