Video Testing - Still undecided - Fuji X-T1 and Sony A7r samples

Fuji X-T1 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses - Hand Held

Sony A7r 28-70mm - Hand Held

I've been shooting lots of video recently, but am no nearer to what is the best camera for me and what I shoot. After messing about with lots of manual settings, both the above videos were shot on their respective cameras using full automatic. AF, Auto-exposure, Auto ISO. And to be honest they are just as successful or otherwise as those I've shot on full manual. The A7r + 28-70mm even let me do a few hand-held zooms. Then there's the A7s and GH4 to come. 

I like what I've used so far, including the Fuji which produces much better footage than anybody else gives it credit for, but is it the perfect hybrid camera for me? Who knows. I certainly don't. I would like to use the Fuji X system exclusively, but until I'm 100% satisfied with the video I can shoot with it I won't. I don't want / need broadcast quality and the Fuji X-T1 is certainly right there in terms of operational considerations, but I'm still not convinced enough to remove all my other options. 

So it's still more testing until I come to a decision (or not of course) In the meantime the long stately home video at the top gives another insight into the locations I photograph and the environment in which I 'work'. Still have trouble with that concept of what I do as work. Incidentally I used the Fuji with no attached viewfinder / loupe and just used the EVF with the camera pressed to my eye just like shooting stills. Worked very well, but then it is a special viewfinder. 

Maybe I should just get used to having lots of different cameras and lenses and should try to ignore my protestant ethic, working class made good guilt issues about owning more gear than I need. Or maybe I enjoy this dilemma too much to give it up now. So that's todays little snippet of self psychoanalysis dealt with but still brings me no closer to any kind of conclusion. Fun trying to get there though.

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