Using the Panasonic image app and iPad on location - part 1 - GX7 and 45mm and 12-32mm lenses.

I've now had two opportunities to use the Panasonic image app + iPad 'on location'. Yesterday was with my GX7, 12-32mm and Olympus 45mm lenses. As you can see on the stills front this was very much a 'I've got a tripod and I'm going to use it' shoot. So lot's of pictures with deep depth of field. However, nothing wrong with that. The video is pretty much 'raw' footage straight out of the camera with no editing. 

Quality wise both stills and video footage are top class. Absolutely no complaints there. The Wi-Fi link also worked perfectly. I ended up walking a longer distance than I intended because I really wanted to give the combination a good workout. Consequently I was pretty tired at the end of my trip, carrying the tripod, no matter how light was pretty wearing. I used to do it all the time shooting film, but I'm seriously out of practice. Plus my back muscles are certainly not what they were. So quality wise, it was very successful. The iPad was also fine for power consumption. I kept it running for a couple of hours non-stop and there was 62% left at the end.

The problem is what I suspected it would be. Seeing the iPad clearly in sunlight. Most times I had to turn my back to the sun to provide some shadow so I could see it. In the video above there is a shot of a blue boat entering a lock. I was facing away from what I was shooting during all of that so that I could see what was going on. It is a problem. I was constantly looking for shade. I even wore a cap to offer some way of getting the sun off the screen, which often just looked like a huge mirror. I really can't understand why these screens have to be this way. Is it beyond the ability of these companies to design a screen that works outdoors?

The whole setup is so useful that even with this it was still incredibly useful. It could, however, be so much better if the screen on the iPad wasn't so reflective.

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