The rather beautiful Fuji X100s

It must be becoming obvious by now that I'm moving slowly but surely towards a Fuji X system exclusively. I'm gradually shedding everything else via ebay and though I might admire camera / lens combinations like the Sony A7r / 55mm f/1.8, my Fuji lenses and X-E2, X-T1 and now X100s cameras is the gear that give me the most of what I've ever wanted from a camera system. Again slowly but surely it's a case of what I want to use and what inspires me to take photographs is replacing the technically superior alternatives I have. 

The Fuji X100s is a glorious example of my idea of what a camera should look like. I had an X100 a while ago and sold it, but what Fuji offered me in 2011 and what it offers me now are two different things. I wanted a third camera to go with the X-E2 and X-T1 and decided to let my heart rule my head again. Instead of the more sensible solution of another body to back up what I have already, I have gone for the extremely aesthetic X100s, surely a contender for one of the most beautiful cameras ever made. Hopefully today will give me a chance to try it out since yesterday's low lying pollution mist didn't fill me with a lot of enthusiasm to venture outdoors. 

In the meantime I thought a few pictures with my also recently acquired Dobro would be appropriate. I have an unapologetic love for these classic designs and the fact that both of these objects of (my) desire can also be used to create meaningful and relevant art is a bonus. Now if I could afford a Shelby AC Cobra and had the courage to drive it, I need never acknowledge the new millenium ever again!!

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