The Panasonic GM1 - My Video 'Review'

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OK. Here's a rarity. Me chatting to camera about a camera. I have only done it twice before, but rather than write about it, because of it's size and the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' idea about the whole concept, I thought some kind of visual presentation might be nice. Now if you're expecting the usual wham! bang! run around the features finishing with 'It's Awsome!!' at the end, like other reviewers, then you are in for a disappointment. I do take my time with this. (That's code for longwinded, boring and a cure for insomnia!) so be warned.

It is an unusual camera and when you realise what it's capable of, which is pretty impressive stills and video, then I think it's worth looking at pretty leisurely. (Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!) So anybody thinking that I'm about to do my impression of Kai over at Digital Rev TV should think about watching another review.

Plus, should my page hits for this not go through the floor, I am considering another one for when I get the teleconverter for my X100s and the resulting limited 3-lens system that produces. 

I hope it's not too dull and I certainly enjoyed prattling on about a camera. So what's new!!

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