The Hybridographer - Stills / Video gear - Part 1 - Sony A7

Hybrid. Some people hate the idea of video on stills cameras, some people love it and there are some like me who are predominantly stills photographers but who like / need to shoot some video from time to time both personally and professionally. I'm in the middle of looking at all my cameras to see which is the best hybrid for me.

Above are results from the Sony A7. 

Very accomplished at both stills and movies. I'm particularly impressed by my ability to zoom, using the 28-70mm lens. Very smooth. Lens stabilisation is good. Video quality is good and the camera takes video seriously. Changing things is somewhat fiddly and it does take some time to set the camera up however. I don't like that I have to change the mode dial to shoot stills if I'm shooting video, but if I have it set on one of the stills programmes and just press the red button then it shoots pretty good auto everything video. 

"In the field' it's nice to handle and using either my Carry Speed viewfinder loupe or just using the EVF it works well. My need is for good hand held operation, since a lot of the places I want to shoot video either don't allow it or don't 'appreciate' it. So that's vital for me. 

So the A7 is top class for both stills and video and gives me a lot of what I want. It is also very similar to the A7r, so I will be treating both cameras as the same. 


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