Spring afternoon - Stately home - Sony A7 - 28-70mm zoom - Part 1 - Stills

Yesterday was a a beautiful Spring day and I had a busy afternoon. I walked round the grounds and gardens of a stately home and shot a video. I then did it again and shot some stills. I enjoyed the latter much more.

Shot with my Sony A7 amd 28-70mm zoom. Images processed using the Topaz Detail 3 Photoshop plug-in. Once again I'm impressed by the 'high-gloss' warm look this gives my files as well as the sharpening it adds. And again it makes the zoom look much better than it is. A very handy piece of software and proving yet again that these days the camera sensor and lens quality is often just one part of the process of creating images and how well they turn out. A long way from shooting on transparency film and waiting to see the results, which of course couldn't then be altered or 'improved'.

Is this better or worse? A good thing or a bad thing? Well since the final result is significantly superior I believe it is better and it is a good thing. I may be 'old-school' in lots of ways but not when it comes to getting the best possible quality for my finished images. And if that becomes more and more the result of software then that's fine by me. 

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