Sony - do they really not like lenses?

I've often joked that Sony have more camera models than lenses. However with the FE system it's not that far from the truth. Currently you can buy four lenses for the two bodies and there is another body apparently being announced later today. Lenses? Who knows.

It's always struck me that the system was introduced in a hurry, which explains the lens shortage. Well maybe only partly, because NEX (sorry Alpha) or a-mount camera owners aren't exactly spoiled for choice either. And I don't think anybody would argue that on the lens front Sony are a bit of a disaster. But one thing is also clear, they do make amazing cameras. Since it seems I will be hanging on to both my A7 and A7r for the foreseeable future, as I have been unable to sell my A7 for the price I want, I edited some A7r files yesterday and I have to say after not doing that for a while I was again impressed by just how extraordinary the files are, particularly when as at the top of the page, the camera is paired with the amazing 55mm f/1.8. 

That lens does make Sony's reluctance to concentrate on their lens range even more mysterious. DxO called it the best AF lens they have ever tested and I wouldn't argue with that. So Sony CAN turn out incredible optics, but for reasons known only to them they seem to have chosen not to do that with any regularity or consistency. Why? Well I certainly don't know and if you have an opinion on that then don't tell me, let Sony know. That will be a lot more useful.

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