Sony A7r - 28-70mm zoom (new version)

So I'm using the camera I don't like much with my mediocre, it's OK but not much more than that lens, right? Wrong, this is my Sony A7r, which I'm warming to because I now have a 28-70mm version 2 in front of it. So how can that be?

Well for $19.99 I bought this.

It's a sharpening 'enhancing' plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture and it's so good I now have a new lens. One that's sharp with lots of lovely colour saturation and it makes that 28-70mm look like a much better lens than it actually is.

I will be writing more on it, but HERE you can get a 30-day free trial and if you like it there is a discount during April which gives the price of $19.99. I must admit I thought when I tried it out first, that it was awful. Really crude unpleasant sharpening. But with a bit of experimentation I reversed my opinion. It's actually really good. I would warn that you need to use it in a very subtle way, as it can look quite nasty if overdone. And do try the Deblur tool. 

It's a different kind of sharpening and not like the Unsharp Mask way of doing things, i.e. increasing pixel contrast. If you use it right it's a very 'clean' way of sharpening, with few of the artefacts normally created. I tried it for a day and then bought it and I'm glad I did. It does take a little longer to use than conventional sharpening tools but I really like it and it's done absolute wonders for my Sony zoom. Works well on other files too. Fuji X files benefiting from some significant sharpening without the smearing. 

Great little piece of software and cheap too.

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