Some pictures taken with one of my cameras and a lens.

Yesterday I went out with one of my cameras and a lens and took some pictures. It went very well. I have to say the whole pressing of the shutter thing shows just what an improvement this upgraded model is. 

I've been shooting with another camera and I must admit it's been a chore carrying it around, changing lenses and putting cards in it. But now using this new camera I find that my attitude to photography has changed completely.  I don't have to change lenses and I don't put a card in it so I don't have that tedious job of taking the card out of the camera connecting it to my computer and then sorting out and editing the pictures. This has completely changed my vision and made me enthusiastic again about the joy of photography.

To me there is nothing better than walking around with a nice looking expensive camera and taking pictures. That's the bit I enjoy. The dull boring bit that involves looking at them has been eliminated. I had got used to leaving my other really expensive and big (really big) cameras at home and just taking pictures with my phone. But even that got wearing after a while since I had to press some icon on the screen and then scroll through what I'd taken. And then there was all that uploading them to facebook or something and that took far too much time. I mean I could have been down the pub.

So, why not do what I did? Get rid of those boring old fashioned cameras that are so demanding and make photography such hard work. Get one like mine, which is just a box with a button on it and enjoy the pleasure of taking pictures without ever having to think about them again. 

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