Panasonic GX7 - Olympus 45mm - Image App. - Wi-Fi - Ipad

All above - Panasonic GX7 - Olympus 45mm f/1.8

Well I tried to connect my A7 with my iPad and it proved impossible. No info. on the internet nor the manual, which is uninformative in the extreme explains this. In fact I'm not even sure if the Sony A7 and A7r cameras can be remotely controlled by an iPad. I can't find any examples of it. If you've done it I'd be grateful of any guidance on this.

However, I spent a lot of yesterday using my GX7 with the Panasonic Image App. which is very good indeed. It's certainly clarified what I want to do about a 'hybrid' stills / video camera and that is use a Panasonic, tripod and iPad. The results are just what I want and it's easy to get good quality footage and stills. In fact since I've made a decision, I decided to photograph lots of stuff for ebay. I have an awful lot of duplication, which I've been hanging onto until I sorted this out. Now I have it's time to 'rationalise'. 

I shot all my ebay pix using the GX7 as a tethered studio camera with the iPad and 17mm Olympus lens and turned what is normally a chore into an enjoyable fun session. It really is a revelation using the tablet, since it's easy to get the composition and aperture selection right. Certainly for indoor use the clarity of the iPad image is better than either live screen or viewfinder and this technology really does help me create better images. 

I love the portability of size of this. Not quite as small as the GM1 of course, but still very compact. What I do other than use a Panasonic for my 'hybrid' work is undecided. Do I go go for the GH4 or just stick with what I have. The GH4 is certainly an attractive proposition with it's OLED viewfinder et al, but it may be overkill for what I want. And the stills certainly won't be that much better, if at all. 

Finally it is nice to be able to use m4/3 seriously again. Using a tripod takes away the need for using high ISO's and it will be nice to try to produce some seriously high quality work with the system. The best OIS / IS / IBIS system ever invented has always been a tripod and if nothing else it could add a different dimension to what I produce and hopefully some interesting pictures. Looking forward to it.

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