Panasonic GM1 - Wi-Fi and iPad control for video

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Above is my first video using an iPad to control the camera. The Panasonic Image App. has the video button on it as well as the other controls and I was able to focus the 12-32mm lens using it. I was also able to change that focus with the video recording which is what I'm demonstrating above. 

All sorts of advantages here. For example I had the tripod set very low close to the ground. Using the iPad I was able to set it up as I wanted. So rather than have to get into uncomfortable positions to adjust things, it was easy to set things how I wanted and then just press record. The focus switching does jump somewhat but that's easily fixable. 

So a real bonus here. I'm well aware that surveillance systems have these remote control capabilities, but this is a stand alone camera shooting 16MP stills and HD Video. The main problem of course is using the iPad in bright sunlight and that I will have to find a way of dealing with. However, since I can be away from the camera there is always the possibility of finding some shade or finding an angle that is not so reflective.

One of the great things using the GM1 is that I can carry around a pretty light camera + tripod setup. 

This is pretty stable up to a strong breeze and I'll be giving it a try 'in the field'. Now this definitely means that I'll be hanging on to the GM1 for a while, since this offers some great possibilities for some serious tripod mounted stills work as well as video. It makes using a tripod once more an option for me. The days have gone when I could carry a Pentax 645 film camera, three lenses and a tripod up a mountain. However there are many times that using a tripod would be an advantage and I will be exploring some of them. 

As far as I'm concerned this is a genuinely useful example of modern technology. This actually makes what I do easier and offers me options. Too often these things are used for what I would consider somewhat trivial stuff, but this offers real assistance to me as a photographer. Presumably Panasonic will have a similar app. for the GH4, which opens up all sorts of possibilities. 

So a good mornings work. It's always nice to discover something that works so well and is so useful. And I must give credit where it's due to Panasonic, their app. has been flawless so far. 

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