Panasonic GM1 - Wi-Fi and iPad control for stills

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I've never seen a lot of point in Wi-Fi connections to send pictures from cameras to mobile phones. It may be a source of amusement to some, but not to me. However, being able to control a camera remotely from an iPad, now you're talking.

I tried this once before with my A7 but it didn't work. Apparently there was some problem with the software. The GM1 proved somewhat easier. It's easy to set up and this great video which I used tells you how to do it much better than I could.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank David Thorpe for putting this online and the logical way he explains it. Excellent.

And for many shooting situations this is genuinely useful. I gather from reading various articles that not every other camera is quite as simple and straightforward as the GM1 and those of you with more experience of this than me will know how this works on other cameras. 

The iPad app. is free from the app. store and quick and easy to install. Selecting Wi-Fi on the camera generates a password which I typed in on the iPad and I was connected. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it was. 

As you can see from the above pictures I set up my still life with the various items positioned in such a way so that I could tap the screen and make the camera focus on them and take the shot using a very specific focus point. In the images below I've indicated with a white circle what I focused on.

The Panasonic app. seems very well put together. I can change the aperture, ISO, Picture style and White Balance and of course can focus and take the picture without ever having to touch the camera. So all in all it's very useful and I think I've just found a reason to keep the GM1.

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